Lesson 3: Live Stream Video Mastery

Welcome to PILLAR 3 - Lesson 3: Live Stream Video Mastery

In this 4-part video training, we are going to dive into my favorite way to create content, build the 3R’s (relevance, resonance, and relationships in case you need a REMINDER – oh look, a 4th R, lol), and deepen my connection with my tribe and that is…LIVE STREAM VIDEO!

I’ve broken down my framework of exactly how I go from Prep (physical and mental) --> Structure/Content --> Opening --> Engagement --> Closing --> all the way to what happens AFTER the Live is DONE!

By the end of this module, you will have everything you need to be on the road to being a TRUE Live Stream Video NINJA who engages, entertains and educates every time you hit that “GO LIVE” button!

In Part 1, we are going to set the stage and talk about the power of LIVE video as well as getting you all setup to prep yourself, physically and mentally, so you can show up at your best for your tribe! I’ll even share an awesome hack on how I used Facebook Live to plan out much of the content for Playful Prosperity and to guarantee it would resonate before I built the course!

Next, in Part 2, I’ll teach you how to make sure the title for your live stream is compelling and curiosity-evoking so more people will stop scrolling and start watching you do yo thang! You will learn the importance of having a clear F.A.P. (or Fire Alarm principle) before going LIVE and you are getting access to a very special bonus from my friend Taylor Conroy who coaches people on landing a TEDx talk. He has given me permission to share with you his “Viral Titles Formula Worksheet” which is a great resource to create compelling titles for your Live Stream videos! I’ll also share with you how I energetically prepare right before going live and how to keep people IN the live right from the start now that you’ve hooked them with your compelling title!

Then, in Part 3, we want to make sure that now that we have them there we can KEEP them there! And that is all about ENGAGEMENT! In this lesson, you will learn about how to show up in an engaging way that alleviates you having to have some ONLINE persona that is different from you are offline. We also cover both LOW- and HIGH-barrier of entry methods to get people to engage so that you can make it FUN for them to chime in! I’ll even give you a simple and easy trick to convert a very vulnerable question into one people are more likely to engage with! You’ll also learn how to deal with the delay between when you ask questions and you start seeing comments come in, how to (and how NOT to) acknowledge people who engage with you while you are teaching, as well as what “Seeding” is and how it alleviates the need for a formal intro and helps to pre-sell people on what you do, the role INTEGRITY plays in creating a truly valuable live stream experience for your viewers AND I tell you how long I think your live streams should be! 

And last but CERTAINLY not least, in Part 4 we want to focus on how you CLOSE OUT your live stream video powerfully AND what happens after the LIVE “dust” has settled! Here we talk about how to end your live stream video and I share several simple examples of powerful calls to action that can create conversations with prospective clients for 1:1 or group coaching without any “hard selling”. Then we transition into the “POST-GAME” and the opportunities we have AFTER the live stream is done to deepen our connection with those who tuned in and to capture any interest from prospective clients that may have shown up during the live stream!

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Lesson 3, Part 1: Introduction and Prepping Your Environment

Lesson 3, Part 2: Grabbing Their Attention and Opening Strong!

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Lesson 3, Part 3: All About Engagement!

Lesson 3, Part 4: Closing Your LIVE and What Comes Next?

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