Lesson 2 - Creating YOUR System!

Welcome to PILLAR 1 - Lesson 2: Creating YOUR System!

In this 3-part video training you will learn the exact framework I have used for myself, my private clients and attendees of the Proximity To Greatness Group Coaching Immersion to create a SYSTEM for you to use as you are building your COMPETITION-PROOF Business!

This is JUICY stuff and if you are willing to PLAY with it, it can shift your entire perspective on how you create, market, and deliver on services in your business - in a fun, creative way and, more importantly, in a way that is UNIQUELY you!

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Lesson 2, Part 1: Introduction to JG's Framework AND your "GENIUS" Zone

One quick note: This is just an introduction to the GENIUS Zone as JG teaches it. Once we get to Pillar 2, you will REALLY dive deep into uncovering what YOUR "90% / 10%" is, so don't worry if at the end of this section you have more questions than answers - it will ALL make sense very soon ;)

Lesson 2, Part 2: Your "COMFORT" Zone

Lesson 2, Part 3: Your "SERVICE" Zone and Wrap-up!

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